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Marxism College Holds the Teacher Speech Competition and Tianjin City“ Youth Education Tournament”( Simpling Curriculum Team) School selection trials
2023-12-05 14:49  

7098澳门新莆京游戏Recently, Teacher Speech Competition and Tianjin City“ Youth Education Tournament”( Simpling Curriculum Team) School selection trials in Xingwen BuildingA125 Hold。 Secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy Guo Shangwei、 Executive Deputy Dean Li Chaoyang attended the opening ceremony of the competition, Vice Chairman of the Union of Tianjin Normal University Luo Xiaoying、 Tianjin Vocational and Technical Normal University Teacher Qian Jing a7098澳门新莆京游戏nd the director of the teaching and research office of the college were invited to serve as judges of the competition, College9 Teachers in the Simpling Class participation in this competition。

9 The participating teachers attach great importance to this competition、 Carefully prepare, Guiden with the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the Teacher Symposium at the school's ideological and political theory 7098澳门新莆京游戏class, Tightly around General Secretary Xi Jinping“3·18” Important speech content, Combining my own learning perception, Vivid cases、 Plastic language、 Sincere feelings, Expressing a high level of teaching, Show a good spiritual style。

Teacher Zhang Lijuan with《 Struggle youth does not lie flat》 Title, It tells about the realization of national independence in modern Chinese history、 People's Liberation and National Rich and Qiang、 The Story 7098澳门新莆京游戏of the Struggle of the People ’s Happiness Generation One-generation Youth。

Teacher Zhang Jianxia uses《 How to talk about ideological and political lessons》 Title, From the knowledge of knowledge to the next story, it is talked about the fighting spirit., Talk to myself to the practice of Li Xing practice、 Talk about yourself, She talked about, Teacher Teacher“ Talking with heart”, Not only do you have to talk about ideological and political lessons、 7098澳门新莆京游戏Learning、 Tao, There is another kind of obedience“ Thinking” to“ Play the public”、 From“ Only ego” to“ Big me” feelings。

Teacher Li Huifang with《 How to talk about high-quality co-construction“ One Belt One Road” Story》 Title, Point out, Delivery in the inquiry of academic qualifications“ One Belt One Road” Theoretical structure; Talk about thoroughly in the comparison of China and the United States“ One Belt One Road” Chinese characteristics; Tal7098澳门新莆京游戏k about living in a vivid example“ One Belt One Road” Value concept。

Teacher Xia Jinglei with《 Square Loyalty Mother Training Reporting home country》 Title, Taking the story of Yue Fei reported to the country as a citation, Emphasizing that Chinese youths in the new era should love the motherland。 Jingzhong reported the country, Loyalty Heachi, It is an important content of excellent family style, It inherits the calcium of the spirit of society for good7098澳门新莆京游戏, It is an indispensable mental blood vein for every Chinese in the new era。

Teacher Wang Xingzhi uses《 Heart-based ideological and political lessons, People in the Era of Love》 Title, Emphasizes that teachers of ideological and political lessons must clarify their teaching goals, Explanation of the knowledge system, Let the knowledge content have highlights, To make students interested。 The heart of teachers and students should also 7098澳门新莆京游戏be unified to a“ Point” Part, In this way, we can bring“ Teaching and educating people” This“ Building” Construction is more gorgeous, Help students“ Deducting the first buckle in life”。

Teacher Gao Yingjie with《“ Four obedience”: Origin and practice》 Title, Combined with the party history narrative“ Four obedience” Origin, Explanation of two cases from the positive and negative cases“ Four obedience” Never discount、 Differential、 Speaking conditions。

7098澳门新莆京游戏Teacher Wang Yigang takes《 The confidence of the teacher of the ideological and political class》 Title, Looking back on my teacher experience, pointed out the specific challenges faced by teachers of ideological and political lessons, Pointing out the source of the teacher's confidence of the teacher and politics class, First is a great achievement from the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics; Second, this is credible, 7098澳门新莆京游戏respectable and reliable, Le is a dare to be a promising teacher team; Third is from students。

Teacher Chen Jiaju with《 Make each small force great》 Title, Combination“ Basic Principles of Marxism” Course, Emphasized in the classroom, Teachers want students to recognize themselves, Feeling the power of thought; Let students see through social history, Enhance historical consciousness; Let students firmly believe in the accumulation of practice, The gr7098澳门新莆京游戏eatness of the era of achievement。

Teacher Wu Yan with《 Sowing belief with the power of faith》 Title, Combined with Outstanding Communist Party member Zhang Guimei、 Mao Xianglin and other stories explain the power of faith is the power of truth、 Power of Practice、 The power of the people, Emphasize the power of the power of the belief to sow the belief, Plant Marxist belief in the hearts of young college students, The mission of every sowing belief teacher。

7098澳门新莆京游戏After fierce competition, Wang Xingzhi、 Wu Yan、 Teacher Wang Yigang won the first prize, Zhang Jianxia、 Chen Jiaju、 Teacher Xia Jinglei won the second prize, Li Huifang、 Gao Yingjie、 Teacher Zhang Lijuan won the third prize。

This competition aims to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics and the 20th spirit of the party, The spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Jinping at the school's 7098澳门新莆京游戏ideological and political theoretical class teacher symposium, Promoting solidly“ Dasi Zheng Class” Construction of Comprehensive Reform Pilot Zone, Help young teachers to strengthen the sense of honor and mission as teachers of ideological and political courses, Urges them to attach importance to the basic skills training, Constantly improving the skills and abilities of the reason to tell the truth with small stories。 

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